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Your Neighborhood Pharmacy

When you think about the word neighborhood, a sense of community, togetherness and love are at the forefront of those thoughts. That is exactly the type of environment that we are fostering here at Neighborhood Pharmacy. We are dedicated to bringing quality healthcare services to the people of the Virgin Islands, one patient at a time. Here is to good health!

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Why Us?
Locally Owned

Quality healthcare services provided to you by a member of your community.

Convenient Drive-Thru & Delivery

Whether your prescription is delivered to you,  the drive-thru is your choice of access, or you like to come in and browse our isles; Neighborhood Pharmacy is at your service.

Community Outreach

We don’t just want to see you and interact with you when you have a prescription to fill. We want to stay connected to you through free blood pressure screenings, diabetes education classes, and much more!

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Heath Watch

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