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Insured or not it is likely that you will need medications at one point or another. At Neighborhood Pharmacy we realize that prescribed medicines can get pricey, but good health is priceless. It is for this reason we introduce our Medical Savings Card. The name of the program is Life Savings and for a membership fee of $20 for individuals and $35 for families, members are eligible to receive up to a 30 day supply of medication for $10 and up to a 90 days supply for $20. For more information on this exclusive offer and a list of medications covered, come pay us a visit!

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Our Services Include

Can’t come in and pick up your prescription? No worries, we will bring your prescription to you!

340B Pharmacy

We participate in the 340B Pricing Program that allows us to reach more patients and provide them with comprehensive service.

Medication Therapy Management

If we see a patient that is struggling with their medications and managing their disease, we schedule a face to face session with them. In this session, the patient is aided with understanding how their medications work and the current state of their disease. We are here to make sure your life is healthful! 

Blister Packaging

Using DISPILL, patient medications are sorted, color-coded, and presealed by a pharmacist to assist patients with successfully managing their treatment; the perfect addition to a nursing home’s patient treatment plan.

Compression Stockings

These specialized hosieries are used to retain healthy blood flow throughout the body.

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Convenient Drive-Thru

A quick alternative for customers who are on the go.

Medication Flavoring

Through FLAVORx, you will be able to customize the flavor of your medicine. The journey to healthier days just got tastier!

Sync My Meds

Your prescriptions are consolidated and coordinated so they can be refilled on the same day each month. This program personalizes the service you receive!

Email/Text When Rx is Ready

An email, text, or both will be sent to you as soon as your prescription is ready to be picked up.

Diabetes Education Classes

Diabetes is not the deadly disease it was once thought to be. Being informed about diabetes and how to manage this condition is key to living a great life with the disease or even possibly ridding your body of the disease. Get informed!

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Greeting Cards

We have a card for every special occasion and cards just because!

Diabetic Supplies

Managing diabetes is not difficult. We provide you with the diabetic supplies for your type of diabetes.

Free Blood Pressure Screening

It is important to maintain a balanced blood pressure. Our free screenings will let you know your blood pressure level and what you need to do to keep within a healthy range.

Orthopedic Support/Braces

We provide you with high quality braces to prevent injuries or support existing injuries.

Prescription Medication Disposal Program

It is important to dispose of unused and expired medications. Our program is the best way to make sure your home is safe from any unwanted accidents.